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Move ahead of your competition with Digital Shelve, the dynamic shopping experience for new-age customers. Digital Shelve is a digital merchandising platform that allows retailers to display their products on a virtual shelf along with related information and offers to give customers an innovative and interactive approach to shopping.

Using Digital Shelve involves an initial expense from the retailer, but has minimal operational costs ensuring more return on investment. The self-service terminals give shoppers the power to make informed choices with better results. An embedded Vending Mechanism brings in endless possibilities in product presentation, diversity, and delivery. Digital Shelve provides in-store, as well as, remote-location shopping for increased sales and more satisfactory customer experience.


  • Customer Experience / Shopping Experiences
  • Reduction of warehouse space, thus the storage costs
  • Unblock human resources
  • Work process is optimized
  • Custom design of Digital Shelves
  • Custom content such as promotions, offers etc.
  • Custom size representation of especially small packs in Digital Shelves
  • A clear product understanding and unique visual choice for customer
  • Innovative presentation of products and offers
  • Provide to your customers product information, videos, slideshows, prices, discounts and propose related products to purchase
  • Enthusiastic customers = increase in sales!


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